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Enjoying Academics: The Art of Romanticizing

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at JMU chapter.

Doing schoolwork isn’t often enjoyable to students, considering the amount of brain energy that is expelled for these monumental tasks. Assignments can sometimes take hours, and this causes students to perceive studying and school-related obligations to be unpleasant and draining. Does this sound like you? If so, you’re a part of the vast majority. However, there are numerous ways to make this grueling, exhausting academic job more agreeable, and even relaxing at times.

First, incorporating background sound like music or ambience into your study routine is a must – it can set a relaxing mood and block out any unwanted, distracting noise. There are endless videos of study rooms on YouTube created just for this purpose. A majority of them involve timers, so you can spread your studying into spaced time intervals while also taking breaks. One very popular example of this timing concept is called the Pomodoro Method, which separates your studying into blocks of time relative to your number of assignments, or how long you’ll be working for.

These studying methods can increase your efficiency in the amount of time it takes you to do your work, rather than getting overwhelmed at finishing one task after another. But music and ambience doesn’t just help organize your time. It can also induce a sense of calm and separation from the world around you, which is the right headspace to be in. The most recommended music to listen to while studying is, of course, classical. And it’s not only because classical music has been shown to increase concentration, but also because music with lyrics can be distracting from the task at hand. This is because our brain has a difficult time entertaining two different types of stimuli at once. Music is the easiest and possibly most helpful way to get in the studying mood.

Where you study can actually be just as important as how you study – and here’s why. If you choose a location that has a lot going on, not just auditory but also visually, it can be distracting and is difficult to have endurance while doing schoolwork. There are of course exceptions to this such as group studying and other methods that don’t involve silence, but for this case we’re talking individually. A perfect study environment would be quiet and comfortable, without much action. The library is a perfect example for this, but if you’d rather be more relaxed, the dorm is a good option as well. In certain instances, places with pretty scenery or architecture can influence your focus and stamina when completing assignments. If your study spot is near the garbage or a parking lot, chances are you’re not going to want to stay there long. Since the mind is under some pressure while working, it’s important to make sure that your physical comfort is a priority. Pick a good chair with good light, and feel free to stay a while!  If you’re not content staying in the approximately same space for hours, that isn’t the most accommodating place for you.

Lastly, the key to beginning to enjoy studying is to visualize and motivate yourself. Whether this is picturing your successes in the future or emulating an inspiring character from books or TV, this step serves as the primary source of motivation to drive you to completion of your tasks. For example, if you’re a science student, visualize where all of these academic assignments are going to lead you to, such as a great career in a lab or another alternative. Another way you can increase motivation is to attach a positive incentive to academics. A great way to introduce this into your routine is to include snacks or drinks while studying. It helps to stave off headaches and is overall just something to look forward to when you pull out the books. So don’t hesitate to buy that Starbucks drink!

Additionally, there are many people who create motivating studying content on social media like TikTok and YouTube, and these are incredibly stimulating because it combines entertainment and productivity. Keeping your goals front and center in your mind will help you to focus on your purpose and not the length/amount of work. Our dreams are the pieces of our hearts that stoke the fire of determination within us and remind us of our need to fulfill our potential.

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