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Egg-cellent Easter Treats!

 Let’s face it, ever since we were two, Easter has been all about pastel colors, rabbits, and plastic eggs not-so-well hidden in our lawns. Of course, even then we got spoiled with those lovely baskests in which chocolate burst rabbit and Easter egg mold they could–not that I’m complaining.  But this year, why not branch out? Trade the plastic eggs and typical cupcake desserts for some new, festive, and did I mention, utterly adorable treats you’ll be egg-cited to try (see what I did there?).

1. Bird’s 
This spin on your normal cereal treat is perfect for this springtime occasion. Use chow mein noodles, or maybe one of your fiber rich cereals (if you have the will power to stay healthy during the holidays) and melt marsh

mallows, butter, and vanilla. Mold the mixture into a nest shape form and finish off by adding some jelly beans or any small egg-shaped sweets!
 Find the recipe here!

2. Chocolate Chip Cookie Baskets

Like I said, Easter is never complete without the infamous Easter baskets. So why not make them out of cookies? Bake any type of cookie you like in muffin cups. After they are baked, fill the “basket” with green frosting and add “eggs” to the top.  Use licorice for the handle and enjoy! They’re easy to make! 


     3. Chocolate Covered Pretzel Peeps

      It’s a mouthful to say and to eat! Simply melt melting chocolate         and dip pretzels in it for a salty-sweet treat. Add sprinkles and           garnish with the iconic marshmallow treats! 

4. Easter Cocktail
After a long day of searching for plastic eggs and posing with a totally fake and furry rabbit, you can treat yourself to this festive cocktail (if you’re of age, of course!).  Serve up your favorite drink in a martini glass and rim the edges with shaved green coconut and a peep! 




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