Easy Dorm Room Décor

String Lights


String lights are the most basic but easiest way to decorate and light up your room. I personally have always had string lights in my room, so of course, I had to bring them to my dorm! You can string them across the top of the walls or create a design. I’ve found that either tape or push pins keep them up!


Mood Board


For this DIY all you need are thumb tacks or push pins, cork boards, aesthetically pleasing pictures pulled from Pinterest, and your favorite inspirational quotes. Print and cut the pictures, then arrange the pictures however you please!


Flower Initial



This next simple DIY requires getting a wooden initial of your name and fake flowers of your choice. Next, take off the stems of the flowers and use a hot glue gun to glue the flowers onto your initial!


Photo Collage



Having tons of pictures hanging up in my dorm made my room more comforting whenever I was feeling homesick. To create a picture collage, I printed my favorite pictures with friends and family and then used mod podge to glue the pictures into a collage on a canvas.


Throw Pillows


Throw pillows decorate your room and create a cozy vibe. Having a ton of decorative pillows can convert your dorm bed into a more chill seating area for you and your friends.


Letter Board


A letter board is an easy way to customize your room! You can have it say you and your roomies’ names, something seasonal, or a favorite quote.