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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at JMU chapter.

Like most design addicts, I’m always thinking of ways to spruce up my space. Whether it’s my dorm, my room at home, or my off-campus apartment next year, I’m constantly brainstorming ways I can make my space unique, yet affordable.

Memo boards are a great start to making your college space unique and functional. Here’s how to turn any plain brown square into a statement piece of your own.

DIY Memo Board-

  1. Purchase a corkboard from a local big box store. I found mine at Big Lots for $6, but you could easily go to Target, K-Mart, etc.

  2. Plan your design. Do you want to paint the frame and the cork? Will they be the same color? Do you want to add a design in the center? Let your imagination go wild!

  3. Purchase paint. For this you can use acrylic paints or spray paint. I used acrylic paint so I had more control of my design.

  4. Sand the frame around your corkboard. Doing this creates a surface where the paint will stick easily.

  5. Paint your corkboard. Depending on what colors you use, it may take more than one coat. Let the first coat dry, and then apply a second.

And you’re done! A simple, yet cute project to decorate your dorm/apartment on a budget.

For a super customized touch, try these:

  • Add a design! Just wait for the paint to dry, and get creative.

Add a monogram decal for that personalized touch. You can hand paint one, or purchase them on www.etsy.com for around $3-$7.