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Dating Material or just a Hook up?

For many girls, college can be a rude awakening when going from boys in high school who they’ve known their whole life, to guys they met an hour ago.  In a larger pool of people, sometimes it is harder to figure out what makes a girl girlfriend material, and what makes her just a hookup. After talking to college guys up and down the East coast, their responses were able to help me differentiate between a hook up and something more. Here are three main points to think about when trying to go from a hook up to girlfriend material.
Guys Work Off of Your Attitude
Most guys say that they know whether a girl just wants to hook up or not based on her attitude. If she acts sloppy and wears clothes that show too much, usually she would just be a hook up because guys know that she probably just wants the same thing. First impressions are everything; remember to give off a vibe that shows what you are looking for.
Confidence Matters
Confidence is the most attractive quality to have when looking for a girlfriend. Guys want a girl who can do her own thing, be herself, and love who she is. Although these characteristics are possible for a hookup too, usually girls who have high self-confidence show that they are worth getting to know on a deeper level.
The first part of any type of relationship is the physical attraction because it leads to the first interaction. Although this is an important factor in both a hookup and a relationship, the connection is what makes a girl stand out from the rest. If a girl is attractive but there is no connection, usually the guy will not try to pursue her unless he wants to hook up again. If the two people have a stronger connection, usually the guy will try to get to know the girl better.
It is hard to dig into the mind of the male species, but as long as a girl acts like herself, she is bound to find her counterpart. If she knows what she wants, she can find the man of her dreams by using these pointers to become a girlfriend rather than a hookup.

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