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Neon Everythinggg

It’s no secret that neon is back on – in every way possible. The 80s are back in town baby, with neon swimsuits, matching sets, nail colors, you name it. This Spring season has the vibrant trend of the crazy 80s back in style and I could not be more into it. I’ve been notorious for sticking to my simple neutral colors but call me a changed woman! I’ve already been playing around with it and I can fully say I have jumped on the bandwagon. Not only is it vibrant and screams Spring and Summer, it also makes you look super tan, a plus always.

Photo by Úrsula Madariaga from Pexels

Animal Print

Yet another trend that was hot back in the 80s and 90s that is fully making a comeback. It’s all things animal print- leopard, snake skin, zebra stripes and more.  Again, more of a statement trend, outside of the usual neutral color palette and the simple horizontal stripes. However, I’ve found it quite easy to style and make a day-to-day look. For instance, in the pictures below, I found this leopard print wrap skirt from Macys that I styled with a black tie-front bathing suit top while on vacation. Beachy yet classy. Simple colors, like black and white, go perfect with leopard print (or really any animal print), making it super wearable while also being trendy.    

Photos courtesy of Shein

Cat Eye Sunnies

This is a trend that has come in waves. It’s always been there, but this Spring and Summer it’s everywhere! They’re classy, retro, sleek and just take your look to the next level. You can’t help but feel extra put together and posh when you wear them. Not to mention, they go with just about everything! Needless to say, I’m obsessed and will for sure be over-wearing them this Spring and Summer.  

White Chunky Sneakers

Big, chunky white sneaks, another statement trend that has blown up this year! You either love them or hate them (I personally love them!). It’s an acquired style piece. Aside from being super comfortable (almost dad-like) they add a casual, edgy vibe to any outfit. One of my favorite ways to style them, as of recent, has been pairing them with a wrap skirt or dress, making an otherwise feminine outfit more edgy, casual and trendy. They also elongate your legs, making them super flattering. I’m obsessed this trend and I hope it never goes away!

Chunky Gold Hoops

The chunky trend returns, but now in jewelry form! Chunky hoops (specifically gold) are huge right now and I’m loving it. I’ve always been drawn to gold over silver, and who doesn’t love a good, classic hoop?! Again, like all of these trends, they go with just about everything, can be dressed up or down and are a major statement piece. I recently purchased a pair from Brandy Melville for only $6!! A true steal to be on trend.

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