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A College Diary

For your (& my) reading entertainment, I decided to document an ordinary day in my life last week, to simply write down everything that happened, stream of consciousness. I started from when I woke up to when I called it a night.

I cannot take full credit for this idea. I was inspired by a few different sources. Mainly, my favorite YouTuber, Margot Lee, who did this over on her blog. However, Margot’s was inspired by a NY Times article.

I’m hoping this will do a few things... One being, force me to be fully present for a day. This is something I (and I think many other college students) tend to struggle with. I want to be really mindful of my thoughts and emotions as I go about my daily tasks. I’m also hoping to give some insight and provide something for my future self to look back on –– candid and unfiltered. So, here we go.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

8:45 AM- I officially wake as my alarm goes off. I snooze it immediately (as I hate when it goes off for too long). Last night’s sleep was good, until I started waking up the last hour thinking I’d miss my alarm. I had a weird dream that it was snowing/hailing outside. I lay in my warm, comfy bed for a few minutes just staring at the ceiling, contemplating, not wanting to get up.

8:53 AM- I surrender & finally get out of the warm confines of my white jersey sheeted bed. I make my bed first thing (a habit I’ve had since before I can remember), pulling back the sheets, comforter and fluffing the pillows against the wall.

9:01 AM- Time for my morning rituals: a good ol’ face roll with my jade roller, eye cream, deodorant, lip balm & taking my daily B12.


9:16 AM- Coffee time. Probably not a shock, but an essential for me. I thoroughly enjoy it; it’s part of my routine and it makes me happy. I get excited when I hear it begin to brew. It smells heavenly.

9:37 AM- Time to leave for class. I get in my car, put on some Taylor Swift Reputation (on a kick right now after watching her Netflix documentary, but always on a Taylor kick if we’re being honest). I get stuck behind the train, but I’m not worried because I’m still early. Gotta love Harrisonburg.

9:50 AM- I plug in and listen to the new episode of Gals on the Go for my walk to class. The episode is titled, “Remember Who You Are | How to Bounce Back.” Needed this today. Worth a listen.

10:10 AM- I have my Intro to Fiction Writing class. Today we go over critique guidelines as we’re starting workshops next class. I begin thinking about my manuscript and am very thankful mine isn't due until after Spring Break. I really need to get a move on that. But my professor says something very insightful that put me at ease. I thought I’d share:

“All weaknesses are opportunities.”

11:21 AM- I meet my friend, Gracie, for lunch. We talk internships and book a room to film our next podcast episode. We just started one and had our first episode go up last week. Brace Yourself (with Brianne & Grace) on Spotify and other platforms...shameless plug...


1 PM- I have my Pilates class. It always leaves me in the best mood. I love it. Will definitely be sore tomorrow.

3 PM- I’m back at my apartment and it’s back to work. I submit a Photoshop assignment for my Visual Literacy class and get working on this article. I heat up my morning coffee I never finished, light a candle & get comfy.


(Side note: I bought said candle at a health food store yesterday, very overpriced, but I was out, desperate and have candle needs. So, I made an executive decision to treat myself. It’s important for my mood and productivity. I do not feel guilty. Just thought I’d provide some backstory).


7:58 PM- Finally sitting down with my dinner. Watching the finale of Glow Up (a makeup competition show) on Netflix with my roommates. I’m starving. I’m satisfied with the winner.

10:51 PM- I decide it’s time to get off YouTube, close my laptop and pick up my book. I’ve been trying to do this most nights before bed.

The current read: Rules of Civility by Amor Towles

11:33 PM- Calling it a day. Alarm is set for 8am.