BTS: Get Back in the Groove

And just like that, it’s that time of year again!

Another summer has come and gone. Hopefully you were able to live it up, soak up all those beach days, sleeps in and summer tans that you desired. 

For me, this was my first summer as a college student, four months, the longest break I’ve ever had. It went by fast, as it usually does, but was also filled with lots of longing for routine again; and with that, comes organizing, prioritizing, planning and time management baby!

Even though I experienced a routine-crave over the summer, doesn’t mean getting back into it doesn’t take some adjusting. 

Here are some tips (that I, myself, will for sure be implementing) to get back into the groove of college life once again.

Establish a Morning Routine

This can be difficult if your schedule looks a little different day-to-day with classes, activities, etc. but I really recommend picking a set time (or time frame) to wake up every day. Your body will get used to waking up at this time each day and establish a sense of consistency. (Your body and mind will thank you). Even if you don’t have class until later in the day occasionally, get up and knock out some work beforehand. You’ll start on a productive note and free up time later on in the day to chill and unwind. 


Some other morning routine-musts for me:

  • Open the blinds to let in that natural morning sunlight

  • Make my bed first thing

  • Skincare routine

  • Iced coffee & a healthy breakfast/morning snack

Plan, Plan, Plan

A tip I utilized this semester already is something I’ve always heard about but never actually tried. When you get your syllabus for each class, put all major test dates, project due dates, etc. into your planner’s calendar layout. Instead of leaving it to write in as you go, you don’t have to think about it if you establish everything from the start. 

Also, weekly planning is something I’ve always done but I HIGHLY recommend. I’d be lost without my planner and will forever marvel at those who can survive without one. 

Stock the Fridge

This tip mainly applies to those of us navigating the off-campus life; if you’re like me, for the first time. This is something kinda small that has really helped me to feel at home and honestly, at ease when I first moved in. Go out to the store and stock up on your favorite healthy foods/snacks, and you’ll be surprised how put together you feel! Being prepared is an easy way to eliminate any anxious feelings and will make the place feel more like yours.

a grocery store produce wall

Establish Your Go-To Study Spots/Places of “Business”

I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently. In between classes you don’t want to waste time thinking about where to go to get your work done; spots that you know won’t be super crowded, you enjoy the vibe, can focus, all the things. Pick places around campus that you notice keep you motivated, in a good mood and inspire you. I’m a firm believer in your environment having a huge impact on your mood and productivity. So, start scoping out your places of business and laying down your roots. 

Cafe Table French Press Coffee Vintageheart

Get Involved

Decide what clubs you want to join this semester, events you want to attend that you maybe didn’t get a chance to last year. Expand your horizons and take advantage of all the opportunity. Getting involved is one of the biggest ways to keep yourself busy, potentially make some new friends, fight off those homesick beasts and make the most out of your time at school!