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Best places to eat in Harrisonburg

Your small guide from your favorite townie on avoiding the dreaded, “where do you want to eat?” question that’s followed by the passive back-and-forth responses because you both can’t decide.

El Sol

It’s an authentic sit-down restaurant and the best part– Taco Tuesday. Tacos on Tuesdays are $1 each and it’s 100% worth it. Sizzling tender steak topped on warm in-house made tortillas? I’m there.

La Morena

La Morena is a convenience store that’s owned by a local family and it happens to have some of the best Mexican food in town. From tacos and tortas to sopes and horchata– La Morena has a cute sit-down set up in their small shop. I’ve never spent more than $15 on food and the best part is that everyone is extremely friendly. Just don’t forget to tip!

Boboko Cafe, the best Indonesian food that you didn’t even know you’d crave.

Not only is Boboko cozy (I mean that literally but yes, it’s so cute) but it’s perfect for a bite that’s light but also filling. Their vegan options are about the same price as their non-vegan dishes so you don’t have to feel bad about ordering that Tempeh! I definitely recommend trying it with their homemade sriracha sauce.

Pasta lovers, two words: Bella Mia

Right behind Olive Garden lies the holy grail of authentic Italian food in Harrisonburg: Bella Mia. Don’t judge a book by its cover because this place is warm and inviting with a small patio outside and most importantly, the pasta and antipasti is so delicious that a bite will have you think that you’re in Italy.

At Sushi Village, all-you-can-eat-Sushi is a real thing

What if I told you that for $20 you can have all-you-can-eat rolls of sushi (over 20 varieties), hibachi, edamame, and takoyaki? And what if I told you that all of the sushi is made as you order? For $20 at Sushi Village, you can order as much as you want and the sushi is amazing. It’s worth every penny of that $20 and you will not be disappointed, I promise! They also have a roll named after JMU so you have to stan.

Vietopia — Best Vietnamese food in the Burg, pho-real

As it gets colder, switch up your go-to warm dish for some pho. Pile on the basil, crisp bean sprouts, and hot jalapeno peppers in your noodles at Vietopia. This cozy restaurant has the kindest servers as well as their famous pho that’ll give you something new to look forward to in Autumn.

Doughnut worry! Peace, Love, And Little Donuts is here and it’s right off campus!

These doughnuts are not only small but they’re made in-house everyday with a bunch of crazy flavors that you need to try. Banana split? Cinnamon roll? Dirt?! I really hope you make this your next stop because all of them are so tasty paired with coffee that’s brewed right in front of you.

As a local that loves to try new restaurants and food, I’m confident that these places will have you leaving happily with a food baby. The best part is that you can support local businesses and farms at these restaurants so your money is going to a better cause than corporate greed. 

JMU pre-law political science major who loves iced coffee, supporting environmental sustainability, farmers markets, and Bella Hadid.
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