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Come fall, everyone begins to feel a little jealous of all the relationships that blossomed out of the annual ‘cuffing season’. So many Instagram pictures of people on cute fall dates, and in pumpkin patches, or all snuggled up with hot coco. Well, I say screw that. Boys are stupid and there’s no reason to feel jealous of people in a relationship when you can have just as much fun with a best friend. Stop feeling lonely and grab a buddy! Here are 5 cute fall and winter friend date ideas.


1. Have a Fall Photo Shoot

The changing colors of the leaves make for a beautiful backdrop! Throw on a cute fall sweater and boots, grab a camera (a phone will do just fine) and start taking some pics! There are a ton of cute ways you can incorporate the leaves into your photos: trying throwing them in the air or laying down in a pile of them. You can edit your photos together with the HUJI or Afterlight apps to add a nice aesthetic. This is a great way to bond with your BFF because you’ll be hyping each other up the whole time and getting in touch with your creative sides!

2. Grab a warm cup of coffee and have a nice chat!

There are tons of places on campus to grab a cup of Joe, the Starbucks at Carrier Library is a personal favorite of mine. Although sometimes the lines can get long, if you’re spending time with your best friend the time should fly. Grab a table or some comfy chairs and see what the tea is! Asking your friend how she’s doing, how she’s really doing. If there is no tea to be spilled, be total goofballs and see how much you can make each other laugh! Chats like this strengthen your relationship with each other and make you feel refreshed.

3. Netflix & Chill (like actually chill)

some popcorn! Put on some comfy pajamas! Hop into a comfy position in bed or on a couch! Turn on some Netflix! Doing this is a major stress reliever, and Netflix has added some amazing throwbacks recently. From Marvel movies to early 2000 chick-flicks, there is tons of variety to choose from. Cuddle up with some comfy blankets and snacks, you and your best friend will be on the road to a relaxing fun night.

4. See a play together!


JMU’s School of Theater and Dance has tons of shows per semester, and there are a lot of local productions too! Grabbing some dinner and then heading to show is a wonderful way to spend an evening. It is a perfect excuse to actually get dressed up for once and get your butt out of the house. It is a ton of fun to see how a play will unfold, and then once to show is done you and your BFF can discuss what you thought of it.  Don’t miss Bare: A Pop Opera this weekend in the Studio Theater at Forbes.


5. Go Ice Skating!

Winter is coming, and the perfect way to get in the holiday mood is to do something very cliche. Ice-Skating! Sure, it is terrifying being on solid, slippery ice with 9-inch razor blades strapped to your feet. But it may be one of the most fun times you’ve spent with your best friend. Lots of couples go on ice-skating dates and it always seems so magical, I can ensure you it’s not. When you’re going with someone you are romantically interested, you feel a lot more pressure to try to impress them. When you are with a best friend, you’re not afraid to fail. So who cares if you slip and fall on your butt? Or if you are a total natural and do a full out routine? With a best friend, you’re free to be 100% yourself.


Graduated the Math and Science High School at Clover Hill in 2018 Attends James Madison University, majoring in Media Arts and Design with a concentration in Digital Video and Cinema
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