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Anna Schultz-Girl Looking Through Closet
Anna Schultz-Girl Looking Through Closet
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The Best European Clothing Stores that Need To Come To America IMMEDIATELY

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at JMU chapter.

1. Pull & Bear


This was my ALL-TIME favorite store while studying abroad. Pull & Bear had the perfect mix of cute, classy, sexy, and lounge wear, all for an affordable price. Everytime I walked in, the displays had gorgeous high fashion apparel, while the shelves equally had cute designs and t-shirts. If there’s going to be anything that I’ll miss from Europe, it is Pull & Bear for sure!




2. Primark


This is a classic cheap fast-fashion clothing store. The clothes are adorable and let me remind you, CHEAP! It’s perfect for a hip sweater or even some trendy off-brand shoes. I wouldn’t expect these clothes to have a long life-span, due to their inexpensive material, but they sure are a good deal!




3. Bershka


This is like an edgier version of pull and bear. If you’re looking for affordable going out attire, that will give you lots of items, Bershka is your store. They have the cutest skirts and very edgy tops. I definitely will miss this selection of clothes in America.




4. Monki


Monki is owned by H&M but hasn’t made its way to America just yet. Once you walk in the store, the vibrant colors and beautiful chromatic displays will make you feel like your in another world. They have a cute selection of accessories and clothes that you wouldn’t find at H&M. All for the same affordable price H&M has to offer. This store will definitely be missed!




Lexie is a marketing & music gal, who enjoys listening to Taylor Swift, drinks an alarming amount of cold brew & loves going to concerts!