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Andy Russo ’15

Andy Russo

Year: Sophomore

Age: 19

Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA

Major: Athletic Training

Dream job: Something that keeps me happy, close to the beach,  and with family and friends.

Relationship status: Taken!

Interests/Activities: Surfing, playing music, baseball, hockey, playing sports, doing community service

Celebrity crush: Alex Morgan

I spent my summer… working, spending time with friends and family, and relaxing on the beach.

Superpower I wish I had: being able to generate ocean waves whenever. #VBhasnowaves

My Ideal date: Grabbing dinner with my girlfriend, then watching a movie together. It doesn’t have to be super fancy to be meaningful!

What I’m looking forward to most this semester: being involved on campus and JMU football games!! I’ve been front row for every single home game since my freshman year.

JMU girls are the best because: They’re the rare combination of cute and really sweet!

3 words that best describe Andy: selfless, kindhearted, loyal

Have you ever thought "Am I the only one who..."? I'm sure you have, and I promise you're not. Live the life you love. I don't take things too seriously, because life is too short to be so obsessed with what everyone thinks of me. I became a writer so I could say what everyone else is thinking. I believe that treating others the way you want to be treated means you will never have to regret a decision you make. I make mistakes, but that's what makes great articles!
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