Amanda Christian '21

Freshman, Amanda Christian, has already made her mark on JMU and the Honors College. A Winchester, VA native, Christian loves JMU’s school spirit, E-Hall’s chicken nuggets and the Saints. Get to know this Class of 2021 Duke.


How did you know JMU was the school for you?

Looking back, I never thought I’d choose JMU. I thought it was too close to home but immediately as I stepped onto campus for my first visit, I just felt “it.” I’ll never forget the first orientation video they played. I couldn’t help but cry a little bit because of how I felt about it all. As I watched those current students, I felt that in the fall of 2017, that could be me.


What clubs have you joined thus far at JMU?

I write for Her Campus and am a member of College Democrats, Association for Women in Sports Media, Public Relations Student Society of America and Madison Honors Leadership Council (MHLC).


What is your role on MHLC?

My position is the 2018 Service Historian. In MHLC there are two committees, service and events. I’ll be working with the service committee chair in promoting service events that Honors students can get involved in.


What’s your favorite thing to do at JMU?

Attending the football games with friends is definitely a favorite. I really love football and JMU’s football team was actually a reason I came to JMU. I wanted a big football school and there’s nothing like JMU pride.


Why do you love the Saints so much?

When I was nine years old, my dad was watching reruns of the previous NFL season and the Saints were playing. I fell in love with their running back at the time, Reggie Bush, and that summer I watched their entire previous season on reruns. Now, I bleed black and gold. The following season after I became a big Saints fan, they won the Super Bowl so I felt as if I was their new good luck charm.