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9 Signs You Had Been Snowed In All Weekend

The first storm of the winter season has came and gone and the East Coast has definitely felt its wrath. With snowfall counts totalling over two feet, millions of people were trapped inside and left to their own devices, and college students were no exception. If you had been feeling a little stir-crazy and couldn’t figure out why, here are nine signs it’s because you had been snowed in all weekend.

1. Your diet for those last four days had consisted mainly of hot chocolate, mac n’ cheese and the wine you had left over from the previous weekend.

2. You caught yourself singing “Bet On It” from High School Musical 2 more than once.

3. You also caught yourself imitating Zac Efron’s sick dance moves.

4. You had gotten so used to how wonderful it felt to wear sweatpants that you’d forgotten how uncomfortable jeans actually are.

5. After catching a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, you spend five minutes trying to figure out who that messy-haired heathen is.

6. When Sunday night rolled around and you realize that you might actually have to set an alarm for Monday morning, the un-adulterated grief cut you like a knife.

7. The stack of homework that had been sitting untouched for four days is also making you sicker than the inhuman amounts of wine you drank Thursday night after finding out classes were cancelled on Friday.

8. Since you were already in the “snow day, sno’ problem” mindset, you decide that anything related to class can wait until after you’ve finished seasons 1 – 10 of The Office. If Jim and Pam can’t get their lives together, then why should you?

9. But alas, all good things must come to an end and when you get that text confirming classes will, in fact, be held on Tuesday, you couldn’t help but get a little bit excited to interact with someone other than your haggard reflection.

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