8 YouTubers You Should Start Watching ASAP

1.     Zoella- She’s cute, she’s funny and she’s BRITISH! Zoella (aka Zoe Sugg) makes an array of videos on fashion, makeup, home décor and much more. She’s even interviewed One Direction!

2.     Caitlin Bea- Caitlin or glamourista16, is a college student herself, so her videos on fashion and back-to-school advice are super relatable and inspiring!

3.     Emilynoel83- As college students, we all know the feeling of being straight up broke. Emily tries out tons of drugstore makeup products and lets you know what’s best so you can spend smartly.

4.     Laci Green- Basically she’s the coolest health teacher you’ve ever had. Laci Green, who refers to herself as a “sex education activist,” gives real advice on all things sex and personal health.

5.     Tone it Up- Karena and Katrina are best friend supergirls who make short workout videos for arms, core, cardio and booty! No time to hit up UREC? You can do these videos in your room! They’re all about promoting body confidence and having fun while working out.

6.     Jack and Finn- They’re hot. Also they do a lot of videos about their travels and adventures around the world. Also they’re hot. Like reallllly hot guys.

7.     Bad Lip Reading- the best way to procrastinate all day.

8. The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon- This hilarious host does everything from playing flip cup with Gisele to having a lip sync battle with Will Ferrell. The channel gets updated every week so you’re sure to see your favorite, and the most in-the-moment, celeb doing something LOL-worthy.