8 Reasons Why Staying in Bed on a Friday Night is (Sometimes) Better than Going Out

  1. Netflix.

You’ll finally know what’s going on between your BFFs Olivia Pope and the Prez.


  1. No hangover.


You don’t mind those birds chirping or the sun shining in through your window; In fact, you welcome it.


  1. Endless amounts of food at your disposal.


Going out is fun, but so is pizza.


  1. Providing a safe ride home for your roomies.


Which will definitely come in handy for you in the near future.


  1. The rare chance to make fun of said roomies.


Here they come, stumbling through the door and attempting to make mac & cheese without the water. You know you’ve been there before, but right now you’re not and that makes it all the more hilarious.


  1. You’re guaranteed to have a productive day tomorrow.


Or, you know, not.


  1. You’ll have time to catch up on all the things you haven’t been able to do the past week.


  1. Your shoes will thank you.


Enough Said.