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8 Crystals That Will Change Your Life!

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First, we have amethyst, a type of quartz that is prized for its rich purple hue. In today’s time, a majority of the supply of amethyst comes from regions of South America, although the jewel’s name varies from area to area. The three chakras that amethyst empowers are the etheric, crown, and third eye chakras. These represent insight, and its influence is increased by the element of wind. The primary objectives that amethyst focuses on is the relief of anxiety and the clearing of any negative energies present. It produces the perception of intuition and invokes a sense of calm around the user, which is extremely helpful in dispelling any stress the person is experiencing. This is one of the most commonly used crystals, and it can be found in nearly every crystal/mystical shop.


Carnelian is another popular member of the quartz group, recognized by its reddish/orange color. It can be found all over the world, and it is because of this that carnelian has been used for so long by so many different cultures. The three chakras connected to this stone are the solar plexus, sacral base, and root chakra. The element that represents it is fire, perhaps due to its strong crimson hue. However, the important takeaway from carnelian as a whole is its activation of willpower, physical energy, confidence, motivation, and power. If the user is seeking a positive change in their vitality, this is the crystal for them.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz, true to its name, is famous for its pretty and delicate pink shade of stone. However, even more known is the establishment of rose quartz as a universal symbol of love – for the individual or a relationship. But let’s discuss what people aren’t aware of. What’s unique about rose quartz is that it only connects with one chakra – the heart, which concentrates all of its impact on one area of the body. Its element is water. Rose quartz’s purpose is to open the heart to other people to form important connections and free any emotions that might be caged within the user. It also works to lessen mistrust and skepticism, as well as awaken the heart to the opportunities around it. If you want to learn how to love yourself and others better, this is the crystal to help.


Citrine is a form of quartz with a golden, translucent color – and it can be found practically everywhere, residing with clear quartz. The con about purchasing citrine on the market is that it’s very difficult to find authentic citrine. A clue to the stone being a fake is if it has a strong orange or yellow color. The real thing should have only a faint hint of color. The chakras citrine rules are the third eye, solar plexus, and root chakras. Its corresponding element is fire. Citrine’s area of expertise is the individual’s center of creativity and is responsible for inspiring intelligent thought. In addition to that, citrine helps you figure out what it is you want and gives you the determination to pursue it. If you’re looking for a spark of imagination or trying to come up with new ideas, this crystal will help turn that into a reality.


Sodalite was first discovered in 1811 by Europeans residing in Greenland. It’s rarely seen in a pure crystal form and is instead mixed with other minerals like calcite. The beautiful color that makes it stand out is a rich blue. Sodalite’s specialized chakras include the third eye and throat, and its element is wind. This stone helps to expand the passageways used for communication within the throat chakra and enhances the mental capabilities of a person. It’s a reflective crystal, allowing you to analyze your strengths and weaknesses and how to continue/overcome them, respectively. Because of these features, sodalite is best for meditations or inner journeying within the self. Being in this calm and thoughtful state of mind extracts negativity from the user and will improve your satisfaction with daily events.


Rhodochrosite is a lesser-known crystal, but it is one of the most significant. It’s a carbonate mineral that’s found in only select locations across the globe, originally discovered in 1813. The chakras that this jewel enhances are the heart and solar plexus chakras. Its element is water. Rhodochrosite’s main purpose in the mystical realm is to assist with healing emotional damage, specifically negative trauma involving childhood. It also helps release any pent-up pain or emotions suppressed for survival. Because of this powerful impact causes the user to access their freedom and true self, or as many would say, “heal their inner child”. Having this crystal in your possession will be certain to change you as a person.


Amber was one of the first materials utilized by humankind itself – it goes back that far in history! Its validity of being a crystal is debated in the scientific world, since amber is technically made of organic matter, and sometimes has preserved creatures (like insects) inside of it. The chakras that this jewel connects to are the throat, solar plexus, and sacral base chakras. Its element is fire, somewhat predictably. Amber’s primary attribute is that it harbors the ability to nurture and lift one’s spirit. If optimism was a stone, this is what it would be. It inspires abundance and purification and encases the user in a bubble of positivity. If you’re looking to get out of a negative slump, amber is the go-to.


Tourmaline has an especially extensive history, being utilized for trading and gifts since ancient times. In this case, we are speaking specifically of Black Tourmaline, since it is the most popular about spiritual practices. Its element is earth because it is particularly grounding, and it only represents the root chakra, again centering us on the present world around us. It’s primarily known for its protection and is recommended to anyone who is in an uncomfortable place or situation. This crystal is suited to people with problems of anger, anxiety, and unwanted negative thoughts. It’s suggested to be worn when the individual is present in a bad or even traumatic environment. Black Tourmaline is a purifier, meaning that it filters out any negative energy in your overall aura. If you tend to overthink and are unhappy with the impacts on your sense of well-being, black tourmaline is what you need.

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