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7 Reasons You Should Go to Sporting Events (& Actually Stay for the Whole Game)

From our first pep rally of freshman year during FrOG week to the last game of the season, the blood of JMU runs purple on the field and in the stands.  We’ve won not one, but two NCAA national championships, and we were on College GameDay. As a D1 school, we have students athletes from all over the globe to represent JMU through 17 sports (6 men’s sports teams and 11 women’s). So put up your Dukes and grab your purple and gold beads before heading over to Bridgeforth, Godwin, Veterans Memorial, and Convo.

1. The Atmosphere

Nowhere in the world does the school pride run as deep as it does at JMU. If you don’t respond DUUUUUUUKKKEEEESSSS when someone spells out JMU, do you really go here? From alumni to future freshmen, Dukes fill up the stands.

2. All the Freebies

I for one have a closet that’s 25% cute clothes, 75% JMU spirit wear. My favorite shirts haven’t been the ones I bought for an arm and a leg at the bookstore, but rather the free ones I got from attending games. All my cups are JMU-themed from buying drinks at the concession stand. And don’t even get me started on all the koozies I’ve accumulated so far.

3. Streamers

Have you ever been in a waterfall? What about a waterfall of purple and gold streamers? After every touchdown scored by JMU, students throw their streamers as far as the can and light up the Bridgeforth sky with spirit. The best is when you look at the section seating and see alumni and parents throw theirs and attempt to roll them back up for the next touchdown.

4. We Win the Majority of Games

Depending on the sporting event you go to, you will get to see how JMU almost always comes out on top. We are constantly defeating other D1 schools or at least having a really close game. The Dukes never go down without fighting.

5. MRDs, Cheerleaders & Dukettes

During football and basketball games, no one has more spirit than our MRDs, our Dukettes and our cheerleaders. For those times where you want to do more than just shout “Go Dukes,” our cheerleaders will lead you through a bunch of chants during games. I absolutely love the halftime shows brought to you by the fabulous Dukettes. No one could stop the Dukes after the MRDs play Start Wearing Purple. And who could ever forget the wonderful JMU Pep Band who get the crowd to their feet during basketball games?

6. Duke Dog

My favorite part of sporting events is the amazing Duke Dog. Not only does he complete every photo op with the biggest smile, he also puts in some work in racing the concession stand foods at halftime. He loves to bring joy to everyone, and I love his sportsmanship. If you ever need a break from watching the game, just take a peek at Duke Dog and remember how awesome your mascot is.

7. They Work Hard for YOU

The most important reason you should even show up to the games is for the athletes who work their a**es off for you. They love JMU more than anyone, and love their sport even more. Nothing keeps them more motivated than your presence the whole game. Don’t just be a part of a large crowd at football, basketball or baseball games — make sure you check out Godwin and UPark for even more guys’ and girls’ sporting events this season.

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