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7 Drag Queen GIFs That Perfectly Describe Class Enrollment

It’s everyone’s favorite time of the semester: class enrollment! Just kidding, enrollment is the actual worst, and I’ll argue that it can even be more stressful than finals week. So, here are 7 marvelous GIFs of drag queens that can help illustrate your pain. Happy enrollment!

1. When you look at your enrollment time and immediately realize you aren’t getting into any of the classes you want this semester.

2. When you look at your shopping cart and see that all your green circles have turned into yellow triangles and blue squares.

3. When MyMadison decides to freeze when you press “enroll” and panic sets in.

4. When someone has the audacity to take the last seat in the class you wanted and you’re ready to fight.

5. When all you can do is waitlist yourself in everything and hope for a miracle.​

6. How you feel about enrollment after it let you down yet another time.

7. Don’t worry, there’s always open enrollment!

Sarah Houtchens is in the class of '20 at JMU studying Media Arts and Design with a concentration in Journalism. She loves inspirational quotes and is in constant search of the world's best guacamole.
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