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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at JMU chapter.

While JMU is beautiful during every season, there’s nothing quite like the start of spring on campus. The breezy weather is just what everyone needs to be in a good mood and get through the rest of the semester. When the sun comes out, so do us Dukes. Here are some common habits of JMU students once the weather gets warm.


1. The Quad looks like a beach


2. Your chances of getting hit in the head with a frisbee (or any other sport-like object) increase exponentially


3. ENO hammocks everywhere


4. You’re more compelled to skip class and take a nap on The Quad


5. Dogs are everywhere, along with their male owners who are looking to pick up girls


6. Campus becomes even more insta-worthy (as if it wasn’t already)

Whether you’re a freshman or about to graduate, be sure to soak up the sun on this beautiful campus as much as you can in the next four weeks!

Yasmine is a senior at James Madison University majoring in writing, rhetoric and technical communication. Half-Italian and half-Palestinian, she was born and raised in Herndon, VA. Her favorite shows include New Girl, The Office, and Law and Order: SVU. During the school year, Yasmine writes for publications such as Potty Mouth, Port & Main Magazine, The Breeze, and Health Greatness, in addition to Her Campus. She is also involved in many clubs around campus, such as Muslim Student Association, SafeRides, and Make Your Mark On Madison. She has a passion for writing and hopes to begin her career as a fashion journalist after college. 
Hey everyone! I'm Megan, a senior at James Madison University pursuing a double major in the School of Media Arts and Design (with a concentration in journalism) and political science, and a minor in political communication. I am an avid Netflix viewer, obsessed with breakfast foods, and a yogi-- queue the headstand. I love to read news and stay up to date with all things pop culture...and I also love to write, go figure! Due to extreme wanderlust, I am always on the move, and I look forward to traveling the world and whatever comes with it. Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you have. Enjoy!