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5 Weekend Ideas for You and Your Girls—That Don’t Involve Drinking

As college students, going out and drinking can become a casual activity. Although everybody likes a good party, nobody enjoys the day after. Sometimes it’s nice to switch things up a little by still having fun but also being nicer to our bodies! That being said, here are some fun weekend alternatives to drinking for you and your girls!

1. See a show at Clementine’s Cafe. Clementine’s is a great place for food and live music, with a great atmosphere and tickets that are super cheap (under $10). Lots of new and upcoming bands perform here weekly, giving you and your friends a great chance to venture outside of the JMU bubble and experience more of Harrisonburg.

2. Go skiing at Massanutten. Massanutten offers a ton of snow activities such as skiing, tubing, snowboarding, and ice-skating. Even if you’re not very coordinated in any of those departments, try it out anyways! It’s a great way to get some fresh air and enjoy the great outdoors. Before the skiing season ends, plan a day trip!

3. Have a movie marathon night. Order some Chinese food, snuggle up in your pajamas on the couch, and watch some good old Harry Potter movies. Way cooler (and more cozy) than a frat party.

4. Have a nighttime picnic. Spring is here and the weather is finally getting warmer (thank God). Daytime picnics are all right, but how much more fun would it be to lay on the picnic blanket and watch the stars? Scope out a good spot around Harrisonburg or simply go to the quad! Don’t forget music and a ton of food, since it is a picnic!

5. Have a craft night. What more do college girls like than DIY projects? Look up some ideas on Pinterest and whip up some unique apartment or dorm room decorations! JMU’s Clubhouse is located on the second floor of Taylor, and you can get crafty there on Saturday nights…FOR FREE! There are usually Campus Cookies, too.

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