5 Tips to Prepare for Finals

Yes, we all know that time of the semester... Finals. Everyone takes them, some ace them, and some break from them. Although, here are some tips to nail those finals!

  1. 1. Get some sleep!

    I cannot stress this one enough! Sleep is the most important thing before taking a final. If you stay up all night in the library, chances are you won't do so well on that exam. Going into any test with a clear head a good nights sleep will be far more beneficial than being hyped up on caffeine and no sleep.

  2. 2. Get to the library early

    When studying, it's like just because it's finals week, everyone can go to the library and magically learn everything the slept through during the semester. Although, if you actually enjoy going to the library and not just during finals week. Make sure you get there as early as possible so you can get a good seat and study spot.

  3. 3. Do one thing at a time

    I know it's overwhelming trying to study for every exam in the span of 5 days. Although, make sure you take it one at a time. Setting study goals for each specific class and exam will allow you to work harder so you can understand everything and prepare for the next class.

  4. 4. Take breaks, but no NETFLIX!

    I'm not sure how to stress this, but every time I think I'm gonna take a break, I immediately go to Netflix or Hulu. These options are just as volatile as not studying. Once you focus on an episode, you're gonna wanna finish it. Then your 15-minute break turns into 30 minutes or an hour. My suggestion is to avoid TV and movies at all costs when you're trying to take a study break. Maybe go on Instagram or respond to some snapchats, but stay away from TV.

  5. 5. Study with some friends

    If you have some friends in some of your classes, then it might be beneficial to study with them. Although, sometimes studying with friends that you know talk might not be it. Make sure you use your time wisely and aren't talking the entire study time. I'd suggest talking through each topic of what you're studying. Once you are able to explain something to another person, that's when you know you've truly understood a certain topic.

Hopefully some of these tips could help you with some of your exams! GOODLUCK!