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5 Reasons to Start Shopping at Aldi’s

If you haven’t already heard, Harrisonburg got a new grocery store this fall. Forget anything else you’ve heard, and prepare for Aldi’s to become a weekly stop. Here are five reasons your college budget will fall in love with Aldi’s:



Aldi’s produce prices are consistently lower than Walmart and Kroger. Strawberries at Walmart? Nearly $6! Aldi’s? $2.99.


La Croix

Fine, I’ll admit it. I’m addicted to sparkling water. My wallet, however, could definitely do without my weekly pack of La Croix. The Aldi’s brand sparkling water comes in grapefruit, classic, lemon, and lime, and comes in right under $3 for a 12 pack. The taste is nearly identical to the real deal.



$2 bottles of wine? Yes, please.

Award-winning? Alright, pass me a bottle.


Frozen Foods

My favorite cheese bread and quinoa veggie burgers come from the freezer aisles of Aldi’s. Selection varies from week to week, so there is always an easy, unique meal waiting for you to try out as a quick dinner.


Weekly Deals

Channel your mother and go online to check weekly ads before running your errands. Certain berries and vegetables are always on sale, and can help you decide on what to cook each week

Clara Peirce is a junior at James Madison University, studying Media Arts and Design. Aside from Her Campus, she is actively involved in JMU's Advertising Club and The Honors College. Clara is an avid social media user, shopper, and deal finder. You can find her at any local thrift store, or making the latest recipe or DIY project she found on Pinterest.
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