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5 Fun Facts about New President, Jonathan Alger

The start of the school year at JMU means endless mappies and lanyards, long lines at D-Hall and E-Hall, swarms of students on the Quad, and this year, a new president! Coming to us all the way from Rutgers University, Jonathan Alger has transformed into a Duke, and we could not be happier. Here are some facts I bet you did not know about him!

1. President Alger is a New Yawker at heart. Having been born in Rochester, I am sure the winters are much colder there! I wish we could say JMU gets a lot of snow in the winter, but everyone knows our weather is bipolar.

2. He loves to sing! President Alger has performed on national television, travelled internationally with choral groups, and has even made personal recordings. He should totally audition for Exit 245!

3. The Alger family is very involved in the community. The Algers dedicate a lot of their time to fundraising and participating in school activities. Mr. and Mrs. Alger have a 13-year-old daughter, Eleanor, who loves musical theatre and is involved with local theatre companies. 

4. History is his guilty pleasure. Alger minored in history at Swarthmore College where he was also a political science major and public policy concentrator. Coin collecting and traveling are a few of his hobbies.

5. The Alger family LOVES college sports! We know that he will be cheering on all of our sports teams throughout the year. Maybe we should get him one of those purple and yellow wigs to wear to all the games?

We know that President Alger will be a fantastic member of the JMU community. Show him how proud we are as Dukes and welcome him with open arms. We cannot wait to see what he has planned for the years to come! Welcome to JMU, Alger family!

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