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5 Best Things About Going Home

1. Free clean laundry

By the time I went home last weekend, I had accumulated approximately seven loads of dirty laundry and completely run out of Tide pods (am I the only one who doesn’t know how to use detergent?), so the promise of someone else doing my laundry was enough reason to go home.

2. Real food

Two straight days of non-dining hall meals is the best. I love D-hall as much as the next gal, but no one is better at making me eat nutritional foods than my parents.

3. Pets

You know the one thing JMU doesn’t have enough of? Animals! Yes, you can catch a glimpse of an elusive quad cat on your way to class, but as soon as it runs away from your outstretched hand, you start to miss the beloved pets you have back home.

4. Catching up on Netflix

Time during weekends at JMU is split between being social and worrying about academic responsibilities; time at home is spent watching all of “Master of None” in one sitting. It’s so easy to relax and forget about homework when fellow students don’t surround you.

5. Family time

We don’t call our parents or family members nearly enough, so they’re probably dying to spend some time with us. A weekend or break at home is great bonding time.

(wise words from Kim)

So whether you go home for the weekend or have to wait until the next break, take advantage of all the upsides!

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