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13 Reasons The Princess Diaries May Just Be the Best Movie Ever

  1. Julie Andrews is a literal queen.

  2. The best friend has your daily dose of spunk.

  3. The boy-next-door comes out on top (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love the nerdy musician?).

  4. Anne Hathaway’s transition is something we all dreamed of.

  5. Joe. Not Joey.

  6. You know you wanted to have her room.

  7. Shut up!

  8. We all needed to have a realistic princess- one that is as clumsy as we are.

  9. It gave us our best possible late-for-class excuse.

  10. You now will settle for nothing less than a foot-popping kiss.

  11. The princess training that we’d all secretly love to go through.

  12. This.

  13. It taught you that anyone can be a princess (even if you don’t come from royalty in Genovia).

Sophomore SMAD major at JMU with a passion for people, donuts, music, coffee and pretending to do homework outside. If you watch Parks and Recreation we'll get along just fine.