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11 Signs You’re Just So Over Men and Their Privilege

Let’s be real— privilege has become a serious issue in the way that society discusses oppression, politics and marginalization. In light of recent events, white privilege and white male privilege and entitlement in particular, has become so blindingly obvious that it’s disturbing to watch exemplars of it (Donny and Mike, I’m looking at you) continue to be praised for their manipulation of it on a national stage. But I’m over it and here are 12 signs you might be over male privilege, entitlement or just men in general.

1. You’ve responded to more than one late night thirst snap with a shrugging Kanye GIF.

2. You’ve stopped moving to the side when groups of boys walk down the sidewalk towards you.

3. When a boy starts talking about how undervalued the male perspective is, you have to fight the urge to yell, “THE ONLY UNDERVALUED THING IN THIS ROOM IS YOUR SILENCE.”

4. When boys try to sass you, you come back at them with the force of a shade-throwing hurricane.

5. Calling out male privilege has become your #1 favorite hobby.

6. “Eat my shorts” has become your instinctual reaction to any catcalling thrown in your direction.

7. You can be found reading feminist literature before your usual Saturday night slayfest.​..

8. …and you’ve become a sort of vigilante who uses the power of feminist knowledge to fend off males who step into your personal space without asking.

9. When a boy thinks he’s going to boss you around, you quickly remind him who wears the pants in that relationship.

10. You squash complaints about the so-called “friend-zone” like you’ll one day squash the patriarchal system that created that myth in the first place.

11. You refuse to sit in fearful silence in the face of a white patriarchal presidency that has the potential to destroy the lives of millions of Americans. You stand and you fight because the American dream isn’t about money and success and privilege— it’s about creating a place of freedom for all and oppression for none.

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