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11 Emotions You May Go Through When Someone Speaks on a Culture They Are Not a Part Of

In some ways we have all experienced a “What did you just say” moment over someone speaking on your culture no matter what ethnicity or race or professions you place yourself in. It often puts us into a wave of shock so here is a (somewhat) book of emotions or a guide of some sort to help assist you in being one with the emotions you may need help expressing and navigating in that exact moment. Whether you are entertained or downright angry there is an expression for you! So here are those emotions and processes you may be going through as a person with common sense and rationale not to speak on things that which do not pertain to you.


1.  “There’s no way you actually believe/said that”

First of all just check your pulse, make sure you are not dead, sleeping, or daydreaming. Did they say that? No… just… *sigh*. Maybe they didn’t mean it?


2. “This is hysterical”

​WOW, this lack of understanding is just too much. How could you not laugh? No solution needed, your laughter is all the feedback you need to or should give.


3.  “WHA-WHAT?”

No.. what… WHAT? That feeling you get when the reasoning is simply baseless, unwanted, and unwarranted. The inner you wants clarification though, right? Well, I don’t know what to tell you you, a groundless argument is simply just… groundless.



4. When you just actually have no words

Just… *sigh*


5. Shooketh”

For that massive combination of all of the emotions before. The world is rocked by this absurdness. Just take it in. Make your peace with it (Or don’t).



6. “I literally can’t even”

That feeling of disgust. Just don’t even waste your time on it!



7.  The need to hear them out… but just for giggles

It’s like, “Wait no really I wanna know how you got here. Why? And hold on… what is your reasoning?”  Why not get a good laugh and story out of it!?



8. Over it.

Sometimes you just have to throw away the whole situation. “Moving On!!”

9. I am not surprised.

What did you expect from this kind of person really? This is so typical. You saw it coming!


10. PURE Rage



11. The need to have it fixed “Oh Jesus”,”He need some milk” “Someone help this person”

Sadly, we may never be able to cure entitlement or just hot mess-ness. One solution though! Try and educate this hot-mess on whatever it is they lack understanding of, spread some knowledge or tell them to just shut it!




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