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10 Stages of Finals Week as Told by Donald Trump’s Hair

As most of us have realized by now, Donald Trump is most certainly a man with a mind of his own. He says, does and thinks whatever he wants and doesn’t mind sharing any of it with the rest of the world. However, if there’s anyone who has fewer sh*ts to give, it’s Ol’ Don’s hair. From wind to rain to sunshine, his hair does exactly as it pleases. It’s so versatile that it can even understand the woes of finals week.

1. The ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ Stage

Calm, cool and collected.

2. The ‘Start to Worry, But Only a Little Bit Late at Night’ Stage

A little shambly but intact nonetheless.

3. The ‘I Should Start Studying but Probably Won’t’ Stage

Not even the thickest jar of molasses can keep those stray thoughts in place.

4. The ‘Oh No, Finals Are a Week Away’ Stage

The alarm is quite apparent.

5. The ‘What Do You Mean it’s Cumulative’ Stage

Doubled over in distress.

6. The ‘My Body is More Coffee than Water’ Stage

Lit like a livewire.

7. The ‘I Haven’t Slept in Three Days’ Stage

Nothing makes sense, and it’s all happening all at once.

8. The ‘Everything Hurts and I’m Dying’ Stage

The Middle Parting of the Red Ink Sea.

9. The ‘Hahahahahahaha Pls Help Me’ Stage

Swept away by the test-taking tornado.

10. The ‘We Made It, We’re Alive but We’re Dead’ Stage

Everything is held together by a mixture of Elmer’s glue and tears.

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