Your Personality Based on Your Go-To Study Spot

Birds of a feather flock together. Our Blue Jays are no exception. Here are some basic assumptions that can be made about you based on your favorite place to study on campus:

Gilman Reading Room: You are probably a humanities major and are completely out of touch with the Hopkins midterm exam schedule because you only write papers. You don’t actually write the papers in the reading room, though. You wait until the night before it’s due to power through a twelve-page thesis. The perfect balance between irresponsible and ballsy.

Note: You might also be especially inclined to wear round-framed glasses that you don’t actually need to see.

Fresh Food Café: A true innovator. Most likely a freshman or sophomore. You use the back round table as a study space in the afternoon and also grab lunch and dinner with just one meal swipe. You are also kind of annoying because you are taking up valuable eating space.

MSEL M-Level: We get it. You’re an athlete. Please stop squirting your green Gatorade bottles every thirty seconds.

Student Athlete Lounge: Yup. Still an athlete. Make sure you continue to let everyone know.

Brody Tech Room: You like to pretend that you are working on a collaborative project, but really you’re just there to socialize. And you’re probably writing on that giant white wall that is clearly marked ‘NOT A WRITING SURFACE!!!’

MSEL C-Level: You actually have work to do and are making an actual effort to get it done. Good job!

MSEL D-Level: I have never seen one of these people outside of D-Level, so I have no idea what they are actually like. They are scary though. Please do not bring a bag of chips or any other type of crunchy snack around them because they will quite literally end you.

Your Room: If there was an award for ‘Most Likely to Give Up and Take a Nap’ you’d be a star. But there isn’t, so you should probably just take the nap and try again in a few hours. I, myself have taken approximately two naps trying to finish this article in my room.

Common Room: You’re probably an extrovert who has stuff to do, but get easily overwhelmed by the thought of actually doing any of it, so you escape to the common room to complete the Calc I problem set with your floor mates. They also have no idea of what’s going on.