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The latter half of 2019 has left us all wondering if love truly exists. There have been too many celebrity breakups to count this past year, and the last few months have been plagued by breakup rumors of many power couples (that being said, there have been some very romantic moments, like Justin and Hailey’s wedding). The three that stand out the most the past months–Liam and Miley, Lilli and Cole, and (piping hot tea) Kylie and Travis– have each had their own unique situations. Read more to see what breakup you are…..


1. What is your favorite everyday outfit?

  • A: Your favorite pair of jeans, a beautiful flowy blouse, and no shoes because they are a social construct.
  • B: Comfortable leggings, an oversized t-shirt with something funny on it, and trendy sneakers.
  • C: Studded Balmain two-piece, Swarovski crystals, and Louboutin heels.


2. Where is your favorite place to eat around campus?

  • A: The FFC.
  • B: The Crepe Studio.
  • C: You have never eaten at any dining hall. You only Postmates.


3. Where in Brody do you go to study?

  • A: D level.
  • B: M level.
  • C: A reserved room overlooking the Atrium (and at all the plebians).


4. How many followers on Instagram do you have?

  • A: Like 3000, but everyone who follows you actually knows you. 
  • B: Around 700 and your feed is super outdoorsy and wholesome.
  • C: 220 Million. You get $3 million for every post.


5. Coffee drink of choice?

  • A: Iced Latte.
  • B: Tea (not into that high-drama caffeine lifestyle).
  • C: Any blended drink that has sugar and whipped cream on top.


6. Which dog on campus do you enjoy the most?

  • A: Amadeus.
  • B: The three Valhounds that always walk around Homewood Field.
  • C: Tillie the therapy dog.


7. Favorite TV show?

  • A: Grey’s Anatomy
  • B: Stranger Things
  • C: Gossip Girl


If you got mostly A’s….You’re Miley and Liam

You’re the closest to our hearts, the one who makes us laugh and cry the most. We’ve all grown up with you, idolized you, and once thought you were the most beautiful thing to ever walk the Earth. And then you go and turn our world literally upside down with the truth. Everything we once thought about you seems to have been a lie, and the rumors and seemingly bad blood that now surrounds you makes us physically ill and leaves us questioning the meaning of life. 


If you got mostly B’s….You’re Lilli and Cole

You’re a household favorite compared to the wild Miley and Liam and fame-clouded Kylie and Travis. While you are relatively new to the scene, you are still pretty freaking cute. Lowkey about your status, you seem perfect and have probably never gotten mad at anything. But once we get drift there’s something slightly wrong with you, we all rush to your side to see what’s going on. However, you cleverly and adorably get back on your feet and show us you’re as great as ever. 


If you got mostly C’s….You’re Kylie and Travis

We aren’t as attached to you as Liam and Miley and you’re less relatable than Lilli and Cole, but we are in awe of you. You hold so much power and influence over everything/everyone that even if someone heard about you today they’re already tracking your every move. You seem to literally do it all and we don’t know how. While your downfall did sadden us, we kind of knew the whole time you were too good to be true.

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