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Spring Cleaning – Organizing Your Closet


I am someone who has to have an organized room in order to function – so I thought I’d share my tips for keeping a clean closet.


Fo me, the easiest way to keep the floor of my closet clean it is to have a shoe basket, where I put all of my sneakers, heels, sandals, etc.  I then put all my boots lined up on the floor next to my basket.


For my hangers, I organize them into different types of shirts first (tank tops, t shirts, long sleeves, dresses, etc.).  After I’ve done that I organize them by color following the rainbow (ROYGBIV).


I also have a shelf above my closet where I put my belts, my baseball caps in a stack, and my pants.  My pants are in four piles: leggings, sweatpants, light jeans, and dark jeans.


I hope this helps you with your spring cleaning!

Campus Correspondent for Johns Hopkins University Dog and sunflower lover
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