Rose Greer: Classic Californian

Rose is a true Northern Californian.  She loves the outdoors, she says "rad," and she wears her flipflops year round. Here's a little more about her! 


1. Name: Rose Greer

2. Major: Public Health

3. Hometown: Oakland CA

4. Affiliated With: Alpha Phi, Tutorial Project, Project Charmify

5. You can usually find me: avoiding the library like the plague

6. My favorite part about Hopkins is: 100% the people

7. In five years I will be: working for a nonprofit abroad

8. One thing most people don't know about me: I’m planning a month long backpacking trip for after graduation

9. My favorite place on campus: in my hammock when the weather’s nice

10.Favorite animal: penguin

11. Any advice for incoming freshmen: make sure you have fun sometimes!! It’s the people that get you through it all so make sure to spend time with them because that’s going to be what you really remember