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A Plan is a Requirement

Written By Audrey Hazel

All my life I have thought about my goals, set them, and worked towards accomplishing them. I went into high school with a distinct plan to get into a good college, with the plan of then getting a good career. I make lists in the morning of what I will accomplish that day with a box to check each one off. I think about what outfit I will wear the next day at night.  I even think about what meals I will eat the next day.

My point is I make plans for everything I do. I rarely do anything on a whim, and I enjoy it that way. I do not like not knowing what will happen on any given day. I feel uneasiness when things don’t go according to plan. I am the person who reads the end of a book first (I know, you hate me, that’s fine).

People whose favorite catchphrase is “go with the flow” are not people who I enjoy to spend all my time with. In fact, they drive me insane. Whenever I try to make plans with someone who likes to simply allow things to happen on their own I want to rip my hair out. I do not understand them, and they do not understand me. To them I am uptight, they will never understand the stress I feel when someone says “let’s just go with the flow.” What flow? In my world, there is no flow if there is no plan.

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