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A Comprehensive* List of Bathrooms with Paper Towels

Hand dryers are the absolute worst. Yet another reminder that technology has seeped into every aspect of our once simple, humble existences, they leave the user with nothing but slightly warm, moist hands and a reaffirmed sense of disillusionment. For the moral of the Hopkins community, I have taken it upon myself to conduct a months** long scientific study in order to definitively determine which bathrooms on campus have rejected these unwanted “technological advancements” in favor of the always reliable paper towel.

  1. Garland
  2. Gilman
  3. Hodson
  4. Levering
  5. Maryland
  6. Mergenthaler
  7. Mudd/UTLs
  8. Rec Center
  9. Shaffer
  10. Shriver
  11. Bloomberg

*Comprehensive in terms of the buildings I have been inside during the last two days

**For the purposes of this paper, one month is defined as two days

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