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Nitin Nainani, ’16, President of College Republicans

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at JHU chapter.

1.       Name: Nitin Nainani

2.       Major, Year: International Studies & Political Science, 2016

3.       Hometown: Richmond, Virginia

4.       Affiliated with: College Republicans, Sigma Iota Rho, Alpha Phi Omega, JHUMUNC

5.       You can probably find me… In Brody Cafe or on M Level in the Library.

6.       The best thing about Hopkins is… Several things could go here, but I sincerely appreciate that the political groups on campus generally get along well… certainly much better than our counterparts in Congress.

7.       Something I’m especially proud of is… I can name all one hundred United States Senators and the states they represent.

8.       Something most people don’t know about me is… Whenever people ask me about my background, they always seem surprised to hear that I’m half-Indian and half-Pakistani. I always get asked, “how is that possible? Don’t they hate each other??” I guess I’m proof that not all of them do. I recognize that it’s an unusual combination, but it’s one I’m very proud of.

9.       This year, I hope to… Make sure that people on campus – regardless of their political leanings – become more familiar with the presidential candidates, the issues, and what’s going on in Congress. College students generally have some of the lowest voting turnout rates, and I think that’s partially because youth voters do not feel like there’s much at stake for them. On the contrary though, this presidential election will affect so many issues that people care about… so it’s important to stay informed!

10.    In five years, I will be… hopefully an employed law school graduate. Having a car and a house would be nice too.

11.    Next up for me is… This semester, College Republicans has hosted two successful debate watch parties, and we will be hosting a third one for the next GOP Presidential Primary Debate on November 10th. Additionally, we’re planning a few other events, including a discussion panel on the Presidential Election, which will hopefully take place in the Spring and coincide with some of the early primaries. Stay tuned…

12.    Why being part of College Republicans is important to me: The Republican Party is clearly at a crossroads, and I think it’s very important for college students to get involved and influence the GOP’s direction.

13.    My best experience with College Republicans has been: I’ve had many terrific experiences with College Republicans, but our recent debate screening is still fresh in my mind, so I’ll go with that. In spite of the depressing weather and everything else going on, nearly two-hundred people attended – which was just incredible. Hopkins is generally considered politically apathetic, so we were absolutely thrilled that people were interested in the candidates and the discussion. Great people, food, and politics always makes for a fun time.

Megan DiTrolio is a writing seminars major at Johns Hopkins University.