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Must-See Holiday Films

Netflix and Hulu just released this year’s holiday movies. Here are ten of the best.


1. The Princess Switch - For those who are forever young, Vanessa Hudgens plays both an American baker and “Belgravian” princess who switch lives for a few days. The acting is considerably good for a Netflix Original.



2. Holly’s Holiday - You should watch this movie for the lovable side characters. Although Holly’s stuck up tendencies may annoy you, there’s a slight twist at the end that will have your heart melting for days. 



3. A Cinderella Christmas - A holiday take on a Disney classic. You may be screaming “get a spine” at the lead, but the resolution will have you thinking that people can change, even stupid ones.



4. A Christmas Prince - Like many holiday movies, this one takes place in a castle and revolves around the growing love between an undercover journalist and a “playboy” prince. The best part is they just released the sequel. 



4. The Holiday Calendar - Not to be confused with A Christmas Calendar on Hulu, A Holiday Calendar follows an oblivious photographer’s journey to find love that’s right in front of her. You may find yourself screaming at Kat Graham to open her eyes!


5. Christmas Wedding Planner -  Finally there’s a protagonist that acknowledges the ludicracy of falling in love in a few short days - but has a happy ending nonetheless. This movie will have you questioning if bad boys are really that bad.


6. Holiday in Handcuffs - For fans of young Mario Lopez, this movie involves felony, family, and growing love. A celebrity filled cast reflects the hidden chaos of a family that tries so hard to be perfect around the holidays. 

7. Holiday Engagement - The classic story of familial expectations gone wrong, featuring Kevin Jonas’ real life wife. Instead of facing the truth of her breakup, a woman hires an actor to pretend to be her fiancee and takes him home for the holidays. 


8. Merry Kissmas - Cheater’s never prosper, except in this movie! A handsome lead tries to convince an annoyingly uptight workaholic her current beau is no good for her in this Christmas must-see. 


9. The Spirit of Christmas - This movie follows the growing forbidden love between a corporate woman and the ghost haunting the cozy Vermont in she’s gunning to sell. Good for fans of the supernatural. 


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