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Local Food Highlight: Birroteca

Last Wednesday was a special occasion: My friend Kyra was FINALLY turning 21 (AS A SENIOR!) and we all wanted to celebrate. As upperclassmen we have been to most of the restaurants around campus and in Hampden, and we wanted to try something new. In comes Birroteca, an Italian restaurant known for its pizzas on the outskirts of Hampden that none of us had been to before. It’s on the expensive side, so it’s best to save a visit for special occasions (e.g. when your parents are in town). Below are four highlights from the meal:

  1. The Drink Menu: Birroteca was the perfect choice for a 21st birthday. It has an extensive drink menu with specialty cocktails and of course beer and wine.
  2. The Pasta: I wasn’t feeling a pizza so I ordered the  Orecchiette and it was great. The portion was big enough that I could make two meals of it, justifying the (high) price tag.
  3. The ~Ambiance~: I don’t know about you, but I HATE going to restaurants that are so loud you can’t hear the person across from you, as is often the case when arranging big birthday dinners. Birroteca is in a large enough space that it doesn’t feel crowded, and it was quiet enough that we all could hear each other easily, perfect for a mid-semester catch-up.
  4. The Wine/Pizza Deal: If you order a pizza you are entitled to a glass of five cent wine. Enough said.


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