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Keri Gawlik, 15, Founder of JHU’s Spoon U

1.     Name: Keri Gawlik

2.     Major, Year: International Studies, Spanish; 2015

3.     Hometown: Closter NJ

4.     Affiliated with: Spoon University; Varsity “Swammer”

5.     You can probably find me…  Honestly you probably won’t. I’m either squandering all my money at every coffee shop and farmers’ market in Baltimore, or working at the rec center on Saturday nights. Turn up. 

6.     The best thing about Hopkins is… We consistently rank well in the most prestigious polls. We recently topped the list for “Most Soul-Crushing Universities.”  What more could you ask for in your college experience?

7.     Something I’m especially proud of is…  I’ve finally started taking courses that are genuinely of interest to me. For a while I was trying to conform to preconceived notions of what a Hopkins student should be or study, but I realized it’s more important to do what you love. Because of this I’ve been able to hone both my Spanish and Italian skills.    Also, I make some damn good jam.

8.     Something most people don’t know about me is… My parents almost named me Keisha, but they realized I would never be able to pull that name off. That became my nickname for about 12 years though.

9.     This year, I hope to… Visit every hipster coffee shop in Baltimore #goals

10. In five years, I will be… Ideally, traveling around the world without a care in the world. Realistically, working at a soul-sucking corporate job (that’s still less soul-sucking than Hopkins) and living in an apartment that’s 1/3 size of my current place on campus. 

11. Next up for me is… Hopefully an internship. I really need one. Can this accolade go on my resume?

12. What inspired me to start Spoon University at Hopkins:    I had a lot of free time on my hands when I quit the swim team, and I was having trouble finding my niche on campus. At the time Spoon University HQ was looking to expand its network into Baltimore, so I jumped at the opportunity. Anyone that knows me– or has read any of my previous answers– knows that I’m obsessed with food, so this was the perfect organization to get involved with. My goal for the site is to inspire students to get out of the Hopkins bubble and experience Baltimore’s food scene. Seriously, there are some amazing places to eat in this city so take advantage of it. 

13. My best experience with Spoon University has been: One of my articles about “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” kinda went viral, so that was cool (I’m giving a whole new meaning to “campus CELEB”). A very close second, though, is immortalizing Kevin Chang as a frat star in his AMAZING bread article. Check out dat loaf tho.

14. My favorite place to eat in Baltimore: I’m absolutely obsessed with The Corner Pantry, and I think every Hopkins kid should try it at some point. In terms of an upscale meal (perfect for when the parents visit) then hands down Thames Street Oyster House in Fells. Order everything. Seriously. 

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