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Julia Raphael, ’16



1.     Name: Julia Raphael

2.     Major, Year: International Studies, Class of 2016

3.     Hometown: La Grange, NY 

4.     Affiliated with: JHUMUNC, Alpha Phi

5.     You can probably find me…in the HUT or checking out great new restaurants around Baltimore (I even made a restaurant bucket list for senior year!)

6.     The best thing about Hopkins is…the breadth of academic and extracurricular opportunities, and the people who make all the hard work worthwhile.

7.     Something I’m especially proud of is…the success of the 2016 JHU Model UN Conference! 

8.     Something most people don’t know about me is…that I used to be a nationally-ranked competitive horseback rider. 

9.     This year, I hope to…finally learn how to cook so I don’t starve once I graduate and have to function in the real world. 

10. Next up for me is…moving to NYC for my job after graduation! 

11. My favorite memory from JHUMUNC is…ah there are too many! One of the best, though, was opening ceremonies. It was amazing to see the conference we’d been working on for eleven months finally come to fruition. 

12. Being a part of JHUMUNC is important to me because…it has allowed me to be part of an organization that provides a unique opportunity for high school students to learn about important issues facing the international community, while developing their public speaking and debate skills. Not to mention, I’ve also met some of my best friends through it and couldn’t imagine what my college experience would have been like if I hadn’t joined. 


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