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JHU Amnesty International Treasurer Alexandra Hansen, ‘18

1. Name: Alexandra Hansen

2. Major, Year: International Studies and Sociology (with minors in Entrepreneurship & Management, Marketing & Communications and History), 2018

3. Hometown: Howell, N.J.

4. Affiliated with: JHU Amnesty International, JHU Ballet, Hopkins Feminists, Sexual Assault Resource Unit (SARU), Pi Beta Phi

5. You can probably find me…  in the library, Brody or anywhere with a table, so that I can occupy way too much space for just one person.

6. The best thing about Hopkins is… my pals in the classes I take.

7. Something I’m especially proud of is… keeping up with the semester and most of my extracurricular activities, despite my long list of serious and completely unrelated injuries.

8. Something most people don’t know about me is… I studied oceanography and the marine sciences for 4 years in high school and I love ocean currents (hmu if you wanna talk thermohaline circulation).

9. This year, I hope to…  expand Amnesty International’s presence on campus.

10. In five years, I will be… hopefully doing something I really like! I have a lot of things that I want to test out, so hopefully in 5 years I will have narrowed my options down.  

11. Next up for me is… getting through the rest of the semester and finals, so I can go visit my family in Colombia for Christmas! (It’s my mother’s first time home to her country for Christmas in 22 years and I’m really emotional about it)

12. Relationships Status: trying to force every puppy I see to love me, and also trying to regain my cat’s love after abandoning her multiple months out of the year

13. How did you get involved with JHU Amnesty International, a human rights organization? I joined Amnesty International (AI) about 4 years ago, as a sophomore in high school. There were no active chapters around me, so I worked with them on my own until I got to Hopkins, when I sought out the AI chapter on campus in order to surround myself with people who had very similar ideals to me.  I actually chose Hopkins partially because it was one of the two schools I was considering that had a semi-active chapter.

14 .If you didn’t know, Last Thursday was Human Rights Day! What issues has JHU Amnesty International been focusing on this year? In an effort to better understand the topics that our members were interested in, we elected to go with the overarching theme of “Individuals at Risk”. We encouraged our members to select topics, cases and/or events that they were particularly passionate about, and then gave them the opportunity to present them to the rest of the chapter. 

15. What should readers know about JHU Amnesty International? We are planning to become more active on campus, while continuing to become more in tune with our members’ interests, so look out for our events in the spring! We also put our weekly topic in the daily announcements, so feel free to stop by if one interests you. More official things: Our JHU chapter of AI is currently in the works of connecting with the main D.C. office of AI, and we’re currently connecting with the other chapters of AI within Baltimore, so we’re hopefully going to be doing a lot of cool things in the near future!

16. What else would you like to add? I really like sports; I really want to write a memoir called “Pomeranians I have loved;” my friend won’t let me not write “My embarrassing celebrity crush is Tyler Seguin.

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