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Hannah Kronick, ’15, Top All-Time Centennial Conference Soccer Goal Scorer

  1. Name: Hannah Kronick
  2. Major/year: International Studies, 2015
  3. Hometown: Westfield, NJ
  4. Affiliated with: Johns Hopkins Women’s Soccer, Alpha Phi
  5. You could probably find me… playing soccer somewhere!
  6. The best thing about Hopkins was…. My friends. Hopkins can be super stressful but knowing you have a great support system of friends behind you can definitely help you find success here
  7. Something I’m especially proud of is… the success I had at Hopkins on the soccer team. I never thought I would be breaking records or having the impact that I had.
  8. Something most people don’t know about me is… that I did competitive gymnastics for 14 years and almost chose gymnastics over soccer in terms of high school sports!
  9. In five years, I will be… hopefully employed, living in a big city with a job that I love!

Photo Courtesy of ©2014 David Brooks Photography

Megan DiTrolio is a writing seminars major at Johns Hopkins University.
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