Halloween is Forever

Even though Halloween was over a week ago, I miss it already. I, for one, am already thinking about next year’s costume so that this time I wont be stuck costume-less the night before Halloween. Ahead are a few tbt photos for inspiration; it’s never too early to start planning!

You can always just throw on all black and a fanny pack and call that a costume 

From left to right: Jenn Su, Helen Girod, Kelsey Harper, Lauren Roberts

DIY Gumball Machines! 

Maria Wang, Anna Clements, Zelpha Williams

Here's an out of this world example

Ellie Clawson, Akshay Alaghatta

These ladies won the gold in Halloween, congrats on your internet fame!

Morgan Pothast, Princess Sutherland, Greta Helvie, Francesca Cali, Tina Kanonuwha