Campus Opinions: Favorite Pies

It’s fall! What does that make you think of? Besides leaves changing colors and weather getting chillier, the first thing that comes to my mind is pie!


I went around the Johns Hopkins University campus and inquired about students’ favorite kinds of pie. The results are listed below. Although most of these pies aren’t unique to the fall season, I would recommend tasting as many as possible, especially if you have a sweet tooth like me!


1. Apple pie: Apple seems to be the campus favorite. Whether it’s a traditional apple pie, an apple crisp, or an apple crumble, almost everyone I asked named apple in their top three favorite pies.


2. Blueberry pie: Because who doesn’t like blueberries, right?


3. Lemon meringue pie: If you like lemons and you’re in the mood for something fancy with lots of meringue that melts in your mouth… this is for you.


4. Pumpkin pie: Ah! Finally… the fall favorite. A Thanksgiving classic, delicious with whipped cream!


5. Pecan pie: Honestly, I haven’t had this one yet, but it received great reviews so I guess it’s time to try it!


6. Strawberry rhubarb pie: Popular in the UK, and apparently on JHU campus as well! With this one you’re in for a mix of sweet and citrus. (Add some vanilla ice cream to make it even better!)


7. Key lime pie: This one, I guiltily admit, I threw into the mix. Although not eaten everywhere, I couldn’t write an article about pie without including it. Key lime pie is delicious, citrusy, and easy to eat given its soft lime filling. I would definitely recommend it if you take a trip to Florida, where it’s from!