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Hello! This week I’ll be discussing some sponsored HC beauty products.

Rimmel London Colour Precise Eyeliner (Blue, $5.99): The tube makes this color look like it’ll go on as a darker blue or navy eyeliner but its actually a nice bright blue color. The applicator is felt tip and is a good length for winging out the eyeliner. However, felt tips can sometimes make it hard to layer multiple layers if you want to make it brighter. Overall this is a fun eyeliner you could wear out, but the bright blue probably isn’t ideal for everyday. I’d be interested to try the black color out of this. After wearing it for a few hours it didn’t smudge much either, so overall a great eyeliner,

Rimmel London 24 Hour Supercurler Mascara ($6.99): This mascara definitely unique compared to any other drug store ones I’ve used. The curved wand nicely shapes to your eye as you apply the product to your lashes. Also, the tapered tip makes it possible to coat all the lashes, even those in the corner of the eye. Though its called ‘supercurler’ I wouldn’t say it helped curl my lashes much. However, I have stubby little lashes so it could just be they needed to be longer to curl. The consistency is not clumpy at all which is great and separates and lengthens lashes for a feathery, natural effect. I’d definitely recommend this as an everyday mascara, when you’re doing a less bold look.

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Rimmel London Only One Lipstick (Cheeky Coral, $6.99): I really like the glossy finish of this lipstick and how smoothly it applies. They color is a nice bright coral which are some of my favorite lip shades. Since it is super buttery however it can smudge around the edges if you aren’t too careful. I’d recommend wearing lip liner underneath and around the edges to help this. Overall this is a pretty, and very wearable lipstick I’d recommend for anyone looking to wear a lip product that is so comfortable you forget its there.

Freeman Beauty Avocado & Oatmeal Clay Face Mask ($4.29): I’m not too familiar with facemasks but since I generally have oily skin I thought I’d try this one out. I can definitely say I enjoyed it. Since this was a clay mask you just apply with your fingers it was slightly drying out. After leaving it on for 10 minutes it hardened and felt almost itchy (picture a wrinkly green faced alien). Once I rinsed it off my skin was *baby smooth* and not dried out at all. I look forward to trying the other kinds of masks and would definitely recommend this if you need to feel refreshed before applying any other makeup.

I <3 Juicy Couture Eau de Parfum ($74.00 full size): This scent is definitely the classic juicy couture smell you’d associate with middle school dances and side pony. Extremely sweet scents like these are not my favorite as they tend to remind me of those unfortunate pubescent times, and can be very strong smelling. If you want to smell like sugar, glitter, and fruity snacks spray very little of this on.

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Thank you HC for all the great products!