Alex Damron: Just 4 Kix!!



Alex Damron is a real-life superhero, she competes in not one but TWO varsity sports on campus!!! Read more about her below:


1. Name: Alexandra Damron

2. Major: Neuroscience

3. Hometown: Ridgefield, CT

4. Affiliated with: Track, soccer, Alpha Phi

5. You can usually find me: Doing nothing on M level

6. My favorite part about Hopkins is: The mochas at Brody

7. In five years I will be: Probably the CEO of Pepsi, if I had to guess

8. One thing most people don't know about me: I hiccup after every time I eat pretzels (just for kix), I only sneeze in threes

9. My favorite place on campus: Definitely not FFC

10. Advice for incoming freshmen: EmergenC and hand sanitizer are vital (also get the flu shot)