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5 Classic Hopkins-Inspired Halloween Costumes

1.     D-Level Student

The D-level student would be the greatest costume if it wasn’t already so ubiquitous throughout campus. Buy yourself a pair of worn down sweatpants, ruffle your hair until you look like you haven’t showered in days, and glue a mug of mediocre, but excessively caffeinated, coffee to your palm. The icing on the cake includes a snarky glare at anyone who speaks above 30 decibels.

2.     The Classic Hopkins Lacrosse Bro

This is the easiest of the costumes–all you have to do is buy a cheap Razor scooter (or beg a lacrosse player for their $500 electric one). Now you can whiz around campus in Hopkins lacrosse sweatpants with Nikes and a lacrosse stick dangling somewhere nearby. Additional props for including a gallon sized water bottle and an Econ major.

3.     Sorority Girl

The sorority girl costume can be utilized by both genders. Just grab your friend’s tote, borrow one of their letter tanks, and start practicing your sorority squat. Make sure to change your Facebook profile picture to your next sorority event as well.

4.     A 4th year BME student

The only group on campus that is more illustrious than the lacrosse team is the BMEs. To master this cosumte, have patchy hair, deep dark circles under your eyes, and let everyone know what your major is (even if they don’t ask) to distinguish you from the rest. Dressing up as a BME requires some sacrifice, but for just one night don’t we all want to know what it feels like to be BME?

5.     A Hop Cop

Show up to a Halloween party dressed as a Hop Cop and you might be turned away, but I think it’s worth the risk. Go all out with a neon yellow vest and attached blinking green lights. Most importantly, make sure all drunk students make it from Uni Mini back to their dorms without getting hit by passing cars. 

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