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5 Alternative Places to Study on Campus

It’s getting to that point in the semester where the library is perpetually crowded and it’s almost impossible to find a seat. To help you study for your final round of midterm prep I have compiled a list of 5 alternative locations to study on campus.

  1. Gilman Reading Room: Gilman is always less crowded than MSE, and if you’re lucky you might run into some cute grad students
  2. The UTLs: The tables at the end of the UTL hallways are a great, quiet place to study. Warning: the lights don’t always turn on at night, so it’s best to use this space during the day.
  3. Levering: both Levering café and the lounge behind it are great, less trafficked areas to study.
  4. Mudd: Who doesn’t like to study in rocking chairs?
  5. The common room of your dorm: closer to home means closer to snacks and convenient napping opportunities.
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