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The 10 Spring Break Must Haves

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at JHU chapter.

Now that everyone’s gearing up to ditch Hopkins for tropical locales, sunnier weather, and no more exams, here’s a countdown of the essentials you need to make this spring break a success:


10)  Colorful beach tote: Because who doesn’t need a place to leave their phone/wallet/beach towel/etc? Nothing’s worse than losing your iPhone to the ocean, so keep your valuables packed safely away, far from the waves.

9)  Maxi skirt: Has it been too cold to break out this spring staple in Baltimore? Now’s your chance! Pair it with a beaded headband and everyone will compliment your boho-chic look…or just mistake you for an Olsen twin (whatever- that’s still a compliment!).

8)  Chambray shirt (or other casual button-up): Not the typical spring break pick, but once the sun goes down, the beach can get a little chilly. Layer a button-up over your bathing suit for a perfect beach to streets look.

7)  Rainbows: Invest in a cute but well-made pair of flip flops for those long days spent in at the beach. I bought my pair of Rainbows in Myrtle Beach when I was sixteen and I’ve never needed to replace them- plus their message of sustainability is pretty great too!

6)  Gladiators: Speaking of shoes, once you ditch the flip flops (and those better not be your Pike flip flops…), gladiators are great for shopping and even going out at night. After all, it’s vacation- who wants to deal with heels?

5)  Cheap sunglasses: Word to the wise- as much as you love your new pair of Raybans, save them for walking to class during the spring. There’s no place you’ll lose your sunglasses faster than a beach during a spring break. Instead, bring those cheap but cute pairs we get for free around campus. You’ll thank me later!

4)   Bikini: This goes without saying, but more specifically, I’ve become a big fan of the strapless look with a sweetheart neckline. Not only is the silhouette is flattering on most body types, but no straps means no awkward tan lines- a big win win.

3)  Floppy hat: Not only are floppy hats adorable, but they’re also perfect for protecting your skin! No one looks good with a lobster burn, am I right? An added bonus? With a floppy hat in your closet, you’ll be all set for Preakness in May!

2)  Sunscreen: Yes, I know this isn’t exactly clothing, and yes, I know I sound like an annoying mother, but it is really important to avoid burns. With sunscreen, you skip the aforementioned dreaded lobster burn and  go straight for that sun-kissed glow.

1)  Neon EVERYTHING: Speaking of sun-kissed glow, what better way to show off your (relatively) healthy new color than with lots and lots of neon! Come on, spring break is the one of the few places where it’s acceptable to pair neon shorts with neon hats with neon basically everywhere else. Live it up!