You're Going Out, What You're Wearing

So, you’re going out tonight…

Weekends are filled with so many things to do in college and it’s always exciting to find a new place to go. Whether it’s a party, dance, show, or anything else, having a good outfit always makes the night better. Finding what you want to wear definitely depends on the venue but sometimes it’s hard to know where the night will take you. Having an outfit that is versatile, cute, and appropriate for where you’re going is super fun to put together but sometimes can be stressful. Here are some examples of what to where depending on where you’re going!



Clubs are so fun to go out to because none are ever the same! You can always find a club in whatever city you’re in, and the dress code is pretty much the same wherever you go. Go for something a little dressier and don’t be afraid to add a fun accessory! Dresses that have shine or sparkle are fun, but a little black dress will never steer you wrong. Fishnet tights, hoop earrings, and extreme highlight are some of my favorite ways to spruce up a club outfit!

Basement show

            Going to basement shows is one of my favorite ways to spend time over the weekend. You can find so many cool bands and the people you meet are like no other. Basement shows can be whatever you want them to be and it’s fun to dress kinda experimental for them. Mom jeans, flannels, and band t’s are the classic way to go, but don’t be afraid to go outside your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to layer, sometimes it’s cold in basements but moshing can get you pretty worked up. Accessories like grommet belts, beanies, and funky hair accessories add something subtle and cool to every outfit.


            Frat parties are fun because they’re something so exclusive to the college niche that it becomes something most college kids can relate to. Opt for something tighter with a little more skin, like ripped jeans and a cropped top. Sheer tops and lace bralettes are sweet and sexy paired with jeans or a cute skirt. Frat parties tend to be hot, crowded, and sometimes a little dirty so it’s always good to designate a pair of shoes like converse or vans for going out. The same goes for jackets in the winter, bring one that you can easily stash in a room and won’t mind losing just in case.